“I’m not interested” Jose Mourinho responds to Paul Scholes

José Mourinho defended his players following their performance, asserting that he was delighted with devotion and the hard work if there were.
“I had been delighted with the progress from Saturday,” the Manchester United director said. “I wasn’t delighted with the outcome, but it’s not a bad outcome.”
Said whether the group was reduced on confidence Mourinho didn’t offer an immediate answer, though the proof is apparent. “There are matters it’s hard for me to state, I don’t wish to bring any more criticism for being too open,” he explained. I believed that was a wonderful season and I understand why.”

Jose Mourinho

If this appeared like a veiled reference — another one — into the reality that United didn’t update their group with an additional central defender at summer, Mourinho was explicit in an television interview when he promised that his centre-halves don’t have the technical capability to perform from the trunk. Eric Bailly specifically appeared to support his own argument, however his venture with Chris Smalling has been the distinct venture United have fielded in defence in 10 matches this season.
Among Mourinho’s fiercest critics has been shown to be Paul Scholes, who stated on BT Sport prior to the match that Mourinho was uncomfortable the team and was fortunate never to have been already.

“I’m not thinking about that, I do not have to understand what Paul Scholes stated,” Mourinho said. People may say what they enjoy, particularly Manchester United fans, since I respect their perspective.”
“it is a journey we generally do in under half an hour,” the director explained. “We tried everything, but we had been advised that the authorities had refused to provide us an escort into the match so we were overdue.”

Greater Manchester Police stated escorts were supplied only”on events when there is information or intelligence to indicate a danger of harm or threat to the gamers”. Its statement added:”GMP has used police vehicles to accompany a group’s trainer but following a report on our center policing responsibilities it had been determined that we’d no longer supply this support at each fixture”

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